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this is great on its own, but then you remember the fact that he was wearing a kilt and it just makes it that much better

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Holy shit.

I always wonder why some people are disgusted with natural things and are cool with things that should never exists because they hurt others phisically and mentally

i follow them on twitter and the responses from men were almost all “i’m gonna rape you you feminist whore” sooo yeah thats why we still need feminism thanks

Masami Friendship Headcanons




- They go out together on weekends and try to wingman for each other. But while Asami usually does pretty well, Mako strikes out with every woman she fields for him because - despite her coaching - he can’t seem to talk about anything other than 1) work, and 2) what the Avatar is probably doing right this second.

- They have completely opposite tastes in movers. He’ll sit at the bar poking holes in the plot logic of her favorites until she just gets up and leaves. Movers involving police work or detectives really set him off.

- While Mako sure looks pretty on a motorcycle, he knows fuck-all about fixing one, so he’s constantly summoning Asami over like, “I don’t know what to do. It just won’t start. Fix it please.” And she’s like, “You know you have to put gas in this thing, right?”

- When his old jacket finally disintegrated into a pile of dust, she offered to take him shopping for a new one. He just scowled at her for a whole twenty seconds before walking away.

- Every once in a while, after a hard week at the office, Asami will have a little bit too much fun, and Mako hides her keys. One time, he wouldn’t give them back for a week because she made fun of his eyebrows. He’s threatened to arrest her just for attempting to drive drunk half a dozen times. She insists that isn’t a thing, but he tells her to push the issue and watch what happens. One time, he actually got the cuffs out and woke up ten minutes later with an electrocution burn on his chest and all his pockets turned inside out. But she still didn’t find the keys. 

- Asami was mildly horrified to learn that everything Mako knew about hair products and personal grooming he learned from Shady Shin. (“I mean, isn’t he a little…greasy?”) For his 21st birthday, she took him to her salon. Once his next raise came through, he started treating himself to weekly shaves. One time she caught him in there getting a manicure. (For nuktuk)



It’s time….


Normal People: October! Warm clothes, Halloween, pumpkin spiced everything, haunted hay rides, changing leaves, yay!

LoK fandom: October. The month for Korra. Korra’s month. The month specifically designed to honor Korra.

Stiles Stilinski // Season 4

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Who else is crying over these new lipsticks by NYX? The Wicked range is made up of 12 witchy, jeweled toned shades - just in time for fall *__*

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